Riding a bicycle can be as easy as walking, but faster.

You can help make riding a bicycle a normal, everyday activity.

You can help make riding a bicycle a normal, everyday activity.

It is not well known or appreciated that bicycles are ideal for short utility trips. And even in the most bicycle unfriendly city, many of the journeys we do every day are ideally suited to and achievable by bicycle. So while you are waiting for those separated cycle paths to be built, dust off your bike and practice doing some simple and easy trips around your neighbourhood. Yes, you may need to ride on the footpath slowly when it feels safer to do so, or walk up a few hills to begin with but hey, just getting started is the most important thing.

Ignore those people who are inclined to make cycling sound more difficult than it actually is. You will soon find that a short trip on a bike is as easy as walking. Ignore invitations to participate in events like ‘Bike to Work’ week. At least initially. Those are for seasoned #cyclists and may require you to ride a longer distance and in heavier traffic than you are prepared to do just at the moment. You are aiming to be a #wheeledpedestrian.

Just get into it gently. It may have been a long time since you have been on a bike. But you won’t have forgotten the buzz and excitement of rolling along as though you were on a magic carpet, or the sense of achievement of getting to your destination under your own steam. Go slowly. You don’t want to get all sweaty, do you.

You may also find that your bicycle is not as comfortable or as practical as you wish. There is a reason for that. You are probably riding a bicycle that has fat knobby tires. You will probably also find that you are leaning forward. This puts extra weight on your arms and means that you are having to lift your head up into an uncomfortable position.

This bicycle’s lack of mudguards may also make it likely that you will be covered in road spray if the roads are slightly wet when you are riding. There are bicycles available that can enhance your riding experience. They are perfect for the aspiring #wheeledpedestrian. Go on-line and have a browse. It’s quite possible that the bicycle you need is not available at your local retailer. It is also quite possible that your local retailer will not understand your needs and try to convince you to buy something that is not suitable for you.

Finally, share your story. Inspire others. Help make riding a bicycle a normal, everyday activity again.

‘Cycling’ is sport and recreation. ‘Riding a bicycle’ is everyday activity. No sweat.

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  1. yes, I had two very different bike outings this weekend and used two very different bikes.
    The ride to the Grey Lynn markets and to an open home was on the sit up straight, mud guards, chain guards, pannier bags, gentlemanly commuting bike. Much more enjoyable to have the best tool for the job

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