Month: February 2016

Memories of cycling



Cycling comes in a range of styles – sports, recreation and #wheeledpedestrian

He only knows I’m a cyclist because whenever I go into his shop I am carrying my helmet. There is no other evidence. When I went in the other day he was bursting to tell me about his successful circumnavigation of the Lake. Just once round, mind you. “Some people choose to do it twice!” he said.

I smiled. I was tempted to play dumb and ask why. But I already knew why. It’s fun. It’s social. And once those hormoney thingys kick in you feel compelled to do it again and again. Despite the pain and discomfort.

I circumnavigated a lake somewhere in New Zealand once. In my youth. With friends. Slowly. Over 4 days. It was cool. We took turns driving the ‘support vehicle’. We didn’t have tents. We slept in hay barns, under starry skies, beside the lake. It was a formative experience. I was awakened to hitherto unknown realities. The cycling was good too.

I’m glad I didn’t tell him that nowadays I’m just a #wheeledpedestrian. I am also glad that his story reminded me of what it was like to be a #cyclist. The recreational kind.

‘Cycling’ is sport and recreation. ‘Riding a bicycle’ is everyday activity. No sweat.

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