The bicycle is not the main character in this story.

It's not about the bicycle, actually.

It’s not about the bicycle, actually.

It was mid-summer and we had gone to watch New Zealand’s only professional football team play at Eden Park. We decided to stop for a bite to eat on the way home. It rained a little. By the time we got to this bridge it had got dark. The sensible member of the travelling party had carried on ahead while the #NinjaPrincess and I dawdled a little bit. The bridge lighting was playing tricks with the rain and this was all set against a splendid backdrop.

I don’t remember whether our team won or not but I still have a strong memory of the day. That’s because I’m human and I seek human connections and happy experiences. My happiness quotient was overflowing. The bicycle played a very strong supporting role in this experience. But it didn’t take centre stage. I never allow that to happen.

‘Cycling’ is sport and recreation. ‘Riding a bicycle’ is everyday activity. No sweat.

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  1. mate, when I go to Eden Park to watch a professional sports team – The Blues win! And even better, I walk there.
    But more seriously, I did ride one of my bikes today to scout out potentially different routes to work. There’s still a lot of work out there for AT to do to make a slow ride in heavy traffic feel safe – without going on a very long detour.

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  2. Hey Russell, It’s very hard to take anyone seriously who admits to being a Blues supporter. 🙂
    You finally made it on to the site. Welcome.
    Becoming a #wheeledpedestrian has been like a ‘road to Damascus’ experience for me. I used to be a vehicularist. No distance was too far. There was a need for speed. It worked for me when duking it out with the city traffic. Eventually, that didn’t feel sustainable. Hence the change. I now put safety and comfort first. Yes, that means I take the longer, slower route or I ride on the footpath when it feels prudent to do so. I guess you can say that I am making the best of a bad situation. I still get to ride everyday. Because, as we know, the health and wealth benefits are too good to give up…


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