Wheeled Pedestrian says farewell

Slipping away


Wheeled Pedestrian, the self proclaimed expert on bicycles, transport, cities and everything in between has slammed the government for its lack of action to turn New Zealand cities into urban and transport nirvanas. Wheeled Pedestrian, affectionately known as ‘wheeled’, says the government needs to give itself an ‘E’ grade for its effort and achievement to date.

Wheeled Pedestrian worked within cycling advocacy for a number of years before deciding that riding in a peloton was no longer his thing. With the zeal of a reformed smoker, he took to the internet to spread his message; that cycling could be about more than sports and recreation. He has announced his retirement saying that he felt he’d made limited progress although he did concede that he may have been effective on 1 April this year.

“For a while I was pedaling really hard and I thought I was going very fast. But then I realised that it was just because the chain had fallen off. I was disheartened but not really surprised by this realisation”. Wheeled Pedestrian said that there were some bright spots on the horizon but that the small amounts of funding being put into cycling were only going towards “shared paths to nowhere – to build these paths without building shops, cinemas, community centres etc alongside them, at the same time, was just ludicrous.”

Wheeled Pedestrian said that the car industry, like the sugar and fast food industries, was a very powerful lobby and any significant change would only happen when it was a less powerful lobby. “First you need to acknowledge the power of this powerful lobby and then you need a very powerful ray gun with which to shoot at it repeatedly, until it becomes less powerful. Unfortunately, ray guns with this kind of power are just not available yet”, he says. According to Wheeled Pedestrian, investing in human scale cities is a no brainer and that current levels of positivity and back slapping was “weird”.

When asked whether he thought he had made a significant contribution, Wheeled Pedestrian said he would let his 2-3 fans be the judge of that.

Wheeled won’t completely disappear from the internet just yet, however. He wants to spend a little bit of time on his other “lost cause“.

‘Cycling’ is sport and recreation. ‘Riding a bicycle’ is everyday activity. No sweat.

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    1. Paul, thanks for your very kind comment. It takes more than enthusiasm to bring about change but I hope at least I have sown some seeds for thought and discussion. I will hang around in the shadows and be a passive observer for a change. I wanted to explain why the blog site was so quiet recently. Who knows, I may decide in the future that I have some burning issues that I want to write about. However, I don’t think I can contribute any more to the discussion that I haven’t already said. I am going to spend some time honing my video storytelling skills so maybe I will have something to share again. Maybe.

      My approach to education is very similar to my approach to bicycles and transport. We need an education system that operate at a human scale. Just like we need cities to operate at a human scale. At least in the classroom I can see the immediate benefits of my approach. However, convincing my colleagues of that value is a different matter entirely. Thanks again for stopping by.


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