A time of reckoning is near.

Seeing a brighter future

Orpheus Drive as it is now.

The remediation project on Orpheus Drive is nearing completion. A new shoreline has been created with a focus on passive recreation.

Orpheus Drive is a section of the bikeway that runs parallel to the southern motorway from Mangere Bridge to Mt Roskill. The Mt Roskill section will be completed when the new motorway gets built. The Hendry Ave section gives the term bikeway a bad name.

A new shared-use path is being installed along Orpheus Drive, apparently. I hope it is more user-friendly than this section. Before the construction started, it was pretty much a ‘rat run’. So apart from having to share it with the construction crew, it has been a fairly pleasant stretch of bikeway for the duration.

Cars will be returning shortly. That’s for sure. A big car park is currently being built. But does Orpheus Drive need to return to to being a ‘rat run’? Motorists have survived without it for the last couple of years so now would be a good time to engineer in some features to deter that from happening.

Will some thought be given to slowing motorists down in order to improve the safety (real and subjective) of the non-motoring users? The speed bumps that are currently there, do little to deter speeding motorists.

For me, the upgraded Orpheus Drive will be a test of how far we have come at putting people before cars.

Hendry Ave

Unsatiated: eight lanes is not enough.


The sign says it's a bikeway.

The sign says that Hendry Ave is a ‘bikeway’.

‘Cycling’ is sport and recreation. ‘Riding a bicycle’ is everyday activity. No sweat.

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  1. Yeah those new red and white striped posts by the end of the cycle way came as a bit of a shock the other morning. I normally stay on the right hand side of the road (near to edge) when heading to towards Mangere bridge but a truck was coming the other way so I went down that little cycle way and “discovered” those posts!

    The new Onehunga foreshore is meant to have a shared cycle/walking path but I don’t know how well that will work. I agree about Orpheus drive as it seems to be used a a short cut and and drag race track by some motorists.


  2. HI Kieran, I’ve made a few videos to describe and highlight the inadequacy of the situation.

    Cross Here with Care

    Short of some expensive engineering solution to separate motor vehicles from people walking and bicycling, the best option will be to address the issue of speed of motor vehicles on Orpheus Dr.

    That was the point I was trying to make on this post.
    Thanks for your feedback.


    1. Yes great videos. I think they have really stuffed up on that end of the cycle way. It can be pretty confusing and dangerous where you should go. Also those cones outside the building should be replaced with something a bit more permanent, to help the transition onto the footpath leading to Mangere bridge.


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