If the helmet is the solution, then the wrong question is being asked

It's asking a lot of a piece of plastic covered polystyrene.

It’s asking a lot of a piece of plastic-covered polystyrene.  (image via google)

It was a helmet like this,

that the young nurse was wearing,

when she swerved to avoid,

the door being opened,

by the motorist getting out,

of his parked car,

that led to her,

being run over,

by a truck,

on a busy road.

R.I.P. Jane Bishop.

‘Cycling’ is sport and recreation. ‘Riding a bicycle’ is everyday activity. No sweat. As easy as walking, but faster.

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  1. I applaud keeping bike riding as simple and natural as possible, BUT using a helmet is just good common sense. I don’t drive a car differently if it has seat belts and air bags and I can’t see that riding a bike is any different. If you did sustain a debilitating head injury, the first question would be “Why wasn’t he wearing a helmet?” There are still no guarantees, but spending $50 or so to improve the chances that you won’t end up a basket case for life is a pretty good bet IMHO. You need to let go of that “libertarian” view that you shouldn’t be required to use safety equipment. I’m sure Darwin would agree 🙂

    There is no one simple solution. Helmet use and regulations are no excuse for avoiding driver and rider education, improved bicycle infrastructure, etc. We need to work on all the facets and in the meantime, I’ll wear my helmet.


    1. Of course, to be consistent, one would also wear a helmet while driving because, despite all those seatbelts and airbags, there are a greater proportion of head injuries suffered in motor vehicle crashes than bike crashes… 🙂

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    2. Helmet use is good common sense, but deaths and injuries rise when compulsory helmet laws are implemented. Happens in skiing, snowboarding, American Football and interestingly, in NZ they started giving farmers massive fines for not wearing helmets a few years ago quad biking and NZ has just had the highest number of quad bike fatalities ever.

      As a friend of mine who works on the ski field said; you watch these young kids put all their protective gear on and then huck something absolutely stupid and end up in a smashed up heap at the bottom.

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      1. Yes. There is a scientific term to describe that phenomenon. Risk Compensation? Actually, wearing a helmet when riding a bike would make sense but as a panacea for 1.2 mil road deaths annually? Meeh.


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