It’s about more than just the ‘cycling’.

The response to the above vine has been muted compared to previous ones. I can see that it doesn’t obviously fit into the themes presented in previous vines. But let me explain the rationale.

If you are a ‘glass half empty’ kind of person, then the government’s recent announcement to continue spending the lion’s share of the transport budget on motorways for the foreseeable future would probably give you the sense that you really are going round in circles; that little progress is being made. What’s the point? Spend more time with your family, go tend to the garden. Do something that provides you with more positive and immediate feedback.

However, I would like to offer an alternative interpretation. Research shows that the most effective strategies for achieving behaviour change is to model and induce the behaviour that you wish to see and be consistent and repetitive about it. If we accept this to be true and accurate, (I can vouch for it because I use it to great effect in the classroom everyday), then it has very serious implications for the quality of the message that is being conveyed.

Wheeled Pedestrian Cycling is all about presenting the image of cycling that appeals to the people who are not currently riding a bicycle. Hence the tag line;

‘Cycling’ is sport and recreation. ‘Riding a bicycle’ is everyday activity. No sweat.

That’s the message I was trying to convey in the video, below. It’s not about cycling. It’s about everything but. If you share that understanding, please watch it again and share it with friends and family. It’s far from perfect and it will be met by derision and skepticism by some, but share it anyway. Because it will help present an alternative vision of what riding a bicycle is all about. And that is what we really need. The World needs more #wheeledpedestrians.

Oh, and the vine was also an opportunity to practice my video editing techniques for a video I am currently working on this summer holiday. Stay tuned.

‘Cycling’ is sport and recreation. ‘Riding a bicycle’ is everyday activity. No sweat. As easy as walking, but faster.

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