Situation (still) Vacant: Bicycle Ambassador

Celebrity pulling power

Celebrity Power.

It’s cool to use the bus. All Black super star, Jerome Kaino, gives it the thumbs up. Promoting public transport is always going to be a tough gig in a transport environment where all the transport policy settings are directed at giving priority to moving people in cars. But nonetheless, this kind of promotion is essential if we are to break out of the ‘the bus is for the losers who can’t afford a car’ mentality. The tobacco, sugar, alcohol and of course, car industries all spend enormous $ promoting and enhancing the image of their product.

You could be the next Wheeled Pedestrian Cycling Ambassador.

You could be the next Ambassador for Wheeled Pedestrian Cycling.

And so, if it needs to be done for public transport, then the same applies to cycling. Some time ago, I made a feeble attempt at suggesting our honourable PM could take on the role of Ambassador for Wheeled Pedestrian Cycling. Unsurprisingly, the role remains unfilled. So in the interim, I am going to suggest that Auckland Transport take on the task of finding a suitable role model/celebrity who would take on the ambassadorial role for cycling. The image above gives you the kind of look and style that is required. If you, or someone you know fits the bill, please forward their profile/credentials to Auckland Transport, referencing this blog post.

Bike Warriors need not apply.

‘Cycling’ is sport and recreation. ‘Riding a bicycle’ is everyday activity. No sweat. As easy as walking, but faster.

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