Try riding a bicycle in a city that loves its cars this much.

Peace Out!

Down time at One Tree Hill Domain, Auckland.

My trusty companion (aka The Ninja Princess) and I took advantage of the beautiful weekend weather to explore One Tree Hill Domain (Maungakiekie) in central Auckland. It’s a gorgeous park. Full of people, sheep and unfortunately, cars. We also went to check out the planned temporary closure of one of the through roads. It was buzzing. People were lingering. There was entertainment for all ages. Auckland Council should be commended for their efforts. Let’s hope it’s a taster for what could be a permanent thing…the park closed as a through route, that is.

Is there not some way that the complete encroachment by motorists of this beautiful park could be slowed or halted?

A separated cycle path wouldn’t solve the car problem in this park, but it would extend an invitation to people on bicycles. The narrow road that winds through the park leaves no room for cars travelling in both directions, and for people on bicycles. We really did rely on motorists to slow down and wait before it was safe to do an overtaking manoeuvre. That goodwill was not always forthcoming. The only thing that was slowing down traffic on the day was the over-supply of other motorists. It’s well overdue for this park be turned into a mobility environment that favours active travellers ahead of motorists.

There were other people on bicycles in the park but most of them appeared to arrive by car, with their bicycles on the back. Auckland: the bike rack capital of the world. This is a problem that Auckland has so far failed to address. Motorists have been given the keys to the city and they don’t look like they are ready to give them back any time soon.

‘Cycling’ is sport and recreation. ‘Riding a bicycle’ is everyday activity. No sweat. As easy as walking, but faster.

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