Vote cycling! Government to spend $100 mil on urban cycleways.

Urban Cycleway

Clearly, no wheeled pedestrian was involved in the design of this image.

Anyone else have the feeling that the Government’s announcement to spend $100 mil on urban cycleways was released just a bit earlier than intended? #DirtyPolitics and all that.

The money is to be spent over 4 years, throughout New Zealand. To me, it feels like a ploy just to buy some time. Really. I’d take the money though. For sure. But it wouldn’t even come close to covering the marketing budget to give city cycling the credibility it so desperately needs. And was a mode share target attached to this $100 mil? Can’t imagine it.

By the way, anyone know how much it costs to 1. remove some on-street parking and 2. narrow some car lanes with a bit of paint? And I wonder if the government’s idea of urban cycleways is the same as mine? Will they incorporate shopping centres and other key destinations?

In context of this government’s bid to cure congestion with a massive motorway lolly scramble, this ‘investment’ in urban cycling is a mere drop in the bucket. The PR budget for those motorway projects is way more than this. Because the government can’t just build motorways. It has to sell them first. You know, create the demand for them.

‘Cycling’ is sport and recreation. ‘Riding a bicycle’ is everyday activity. No sweat. As easy as walking, but faster.

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    1. But Mike, couldn’t we afford to be a little bit more demanding of the government? Remember, we are suffering from decades of under-investment. This will hardly cover the bottom of the bucket.


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