Do you want to go for a bike ride?

There are lots of reasons to ride a bike

I use my bicycle whenever I can; as a substitute for the car. It serves a purpose. It’s great for short journeys. A to B. I dress for the destination, not for the bike ride.

It probably keeps me fit. But fitness is not the reason I use my bicycle. Remember, “no sweat”.

Using a bike is good for the environment. But that’s not my primary motivator, either.

Cost is a big factor. We are a one car family. Keeping just one car on the road feels like an exercise in avoiding falling into a massive financial black hole.

Being immune to the unpredictable traffic congestion prevalent in the city is also a pretty big factor.

And there is a ‘feel good’ factor associated with transporting oneself by bike; that sense of freedom and independence. I caught the bug as a child and it never went away. The kids of today don’t know what they are missing.

‘Cycling’ is sport and recreation. ‘Riding a bicycle’ is everyday activity. No sweat. As easy as walking, but faster.

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