First steps to creating better cities.


Unlocking freedom and well-being.

Unlocking freedom and well-being.

Democracy is failing us. It’s getting in the way of us creating better cities. Our cities are over run by cars. The addiction is real. We must mend our ways. But we remain stuck.

Research presents compelling reasons to change. Working models exist for us to emulate. But we remain stuck in a netherworld between evidence and democracy.

So how do we break this impasse?

A new narrative is required. Something greater than ‘more cycle lanes!’ ‘Better cities!’ sounds closer to the mark. People skilled in selling an alternative are needed.

New organisations that can create a new and normal path to ‘better cities’ are required.

Forging new organisations that will be able to match and eventually shift the inertia will take some effort. No doubt.

These organisations will require people that are politically savvy, be able to articulate what ‘better cities’ look/feel/sound like, and engage support from people at a community level.

Giving children the ability to get to school safely and independently would be a good starting point, I reckon.

‘Cycling’ is sport and recreation. ‘Riding a bike’ is everyday activity. No sweat.

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What are your thoughts?

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