Prime Minister John Key: Ambassador for Wheeled Pedestrian Cycling?

John Key, New Zealand Prime Minister, modelling Wheeled Pedestrian Cycling

John Key, Prime Minister of New Zealand . A potential candidate for the role of ambassador for Wheeled Pedestrian Cycling.

Dear Prime Minister,

This photo of you riding a bicycle in The Hague has come to our attention at Wheeled Pedestrian Cycling. It captures the essence of the cycling that this site is trying to promote. Would you be willing to share that experience with us?

As you are probably aware, The Dutch are recognised as World leaders in achieving high rates of daily cycling. In contrast, cycling does not enjoy the same support or positive public perception in New Zealand. One of the key issues that we have identified is that cycling in New Zealand is largely perceived as a sporting and recreational activity only.

Ultimately, what we are looking for, is a person with a high profile like yourself who would be willing to be an Ambassador for Wheeled Pedestrian Cycling. We would really appreciate it if you would give serious consideration to this request.


Wheeled Pedestrian Cycling.

‘Cycling’ is sport and recreation. ‘Riding a bike’ is everyday activity. No sweat.



  1. There are many similar pictures of Australian government officials, motoring lobbyists and cycling “advocates”, all of whom support Australia’s mandatory helmet laws yet, when visiting overseas locations like Amsterdam, choose to cycle without a helmet. They return from their “information gathering” junkets to write lengthy reports about cycling, which make absolutely no mention of helmets.

    It is my experience that you will not get a reply from these people when caught out in their hypocracy. It seems the laws of physics work differently in the northern hemisphere and an everyday activity in Europe miraculously becomes a matter of life and death at home.


  2. Dear Prime Minister,

    Would you visit us in Canada, and say the same thing to our PM Justin Trudeau and all our Provinces? We are still living in car-clogged cities, ingesting all pollutants and suffering all types of illness as a result. Thank you for being progressive.

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  3. Wheeled pedestrian? What a misleading term. What does it mean? Riding on footpaths? Me riding my 1200cc motorbike? Would our Shoprider qualify? Does the term exclude “road Users”. Is there some special way to ride, is it going slow? Obstructing other road users? Wearing ordinary clothes?


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